Thursday, April 7, 2011

The First Love!!!

A marriage occasion..
Street glows with bright lights..
People all around the bunglow..
Grandmas and Grandpas, Mamas and Papas, Uncles and aunts sitting scattered, chatting, doing some work of theirs..
Young guys and girls look here and there, may be for their choice of mates..
Marriage arrangements are going all the way as tomorrow is the marriage..
Even most needed thing, food preparations (sweets, savories, meals, etc.,) are also going side by side..
Bride is busy with her make up kit and hands decorated with mehendi..
So it's totally a big occasion for all the people over there..

There comes a Rolls Royce to the village..
ShivaRaman, in bright white shirt and dhoti with his wife Sakthi, in a red silk saree gets down the car and on the way to the marriage house..
They are a lovely couple of age 42 and 38, but still looked young and looked as if they were made for each other..
Everybody in the marriage welcomes them as they are just arriving to the function..
As all the couples, even ShivaRaman and Sakthi split up to see their friends and relatives..

Around 7 30 in the evening, ShivaRaman came to kitchen as he is so crazy cooking vadas in his own style which would taste great to eat..
"Hey Shiva, I know you will come here for sure man. I'm waiting for you", one of his friend shouted in joy from the other side of kitchen.
"How could I be in a marriage without being in kitchen for atleast sometime?", Shiva replied as he is ready with black gram flour(Ulunthu maavu) to fry 'vadai'

After a few minutes..
"Nivipa, I searched you everywhere and at last found you here", Sakthi approaches Shiva by saying this as she has the habit of calling Shiva as her daughter Nivedhitha's father and in love.
"Saki, you might be knowing that I always spend some time inside kitchen to make vadais for you sweety", Shiva replied Sakthi with flour in hands
"I love you", she whispered near Shiva's ears and sat opposite to him.

Vadai frying process continued and suddenly Shiva seemed to be bit nervous and confused. He just left the place and washed his hands.
Sakthi noted this and she followed Shiva.
"Saki, you be here, I'll be back in some time", Shiva said while he moves faster

Shiva is searching for someone and returned to kitchen again as soon as he leaves.
"What happened? What's wrong with you?", tensed Sakthi asks Shiva as he behaves odd from minutes ago.
"Nothing Saki, I thought I forgot something", he replied as he is fine.

Minutes rolled..
"Nivipa you look so nervous. What's wrong with you darling?", Sakthi asked again but in a teasing manner as she found out something
"Nothing Saki", he replied "I'm normal. What made you think like that?" in a bit anxious
"I know you dear", she smiled.

But Shiva searched for someone again and couldn't find the person in and around kitchen..
Time passed. Dinner is ready to be server..

"Nivipa, I have a guest waiting for you in the balcony", Saki pulled Shiva from the crowd in love like a small crazy girl
"Hey wait ma, Who is that Saki?", he asked thinking about some of his old friends
"I don't know sweety. She just wants to see you and I made her wait in the balcony", Saki replied and pushed Shiva to go quick
"Ok Saki, let me check. Did you have your dinner?", he asked while he is in walk
"Not yet, but will have in short time", she replied in cheer
"Ok, you take your dinner soon and don't forget to take your tablet. Don't make me search for you with tablets as you make me do always. I'll see you later after meeting the guest", Shiva rose his voice ascending as he keeps on moving towards the balcony.

Hmmmmm..... Everyone enjoying and everywhere joy prevailed..
The next day morning..
Marriage ceremony was very good..
Bride and Bride groom; they looked very charming and looked as if they were made for each other..
All the people congratulated the couple and they were blessed by everyone..
Everything ended fine..
All the guests who were in the marriage ceremony started departing to thier respective places as the function comes to the end..

Sakthi and Shiva returned home and were watching TV lying on their bed..
Sakthi is cool but Shiva still looked nervous and anxious..

"Saki, how do you know?" Shiva asked in a low voice
"What about?", she replied with a question as she don't know what Shiva is on to
"You made Rani wait in the balcony yesterday. How do you know about her?", he asked as he is much confused
"It's you who said me about Rani once. Did you forget Nivipa?", replied in a childish manner
"But I have said about her just once and you have never seen her before. How come you find that she is Rani?", Shiva asked.
"I know you better than any other does dear. You behaved totally different after seeing her and I guessed she might be her who you said you have been in love with before our marriage", Sakthi replied as she just look at Shiva and give him a smile

Silence prevailed for sometime as Shiva still was not out of the anxiety and confusion..
"Nivipa, you have met her after a long time. What happened? I'm eager to know", now Sakthi asked eagerly turning to Shiva
"Saki, I'll tell you some other day dear", replied in off mood
"No Nivipa, I want to know today and right now. Else I won't talk to you", turned the other side as she is replying, like a kid
"Ok sweety, I'll tell you, turn this side. Why do you behave like a kid?", he compromised as he don't want to up set Sakthi
"We talked in the balcony for more than half an hour Saki. Talked about our past and the problem which separated both of us. Then talked about her family and kids, etc,. It's all just like dew in sunlight. And to tell you something, I just forgot you for sometime when being with her", he said in a feeling he had never showed to Sakthi before

Seeing Shiva's happy feeling, Sakthi kissed his forehead and said "I'm really happy for you today"
"Saki, didn't you get anger on me while I say I forgot you for sometime when being with her", asked Sakthi in a bit of hesitation
"Why should I be angry on you Nivipa? You met her after a long time and you are happy as she is your first love. You are happy today and I feel extreamly happy as you are my first and foremost love", Sakthi smiled at Shiva, lied on Shiva's chest, put her hands around his belly and said "Nivipa, I gonna sleep now, Good Night dear" and slept.

Listening to what Sakthi said, Shiva understood the love Sakthi has on him and without his concious tears rolled down his eyes...

Love gives you strength, makes you feel divinity and eternity but the same love makes you dead if it takes role in the other way..
Better try to marry someone and love your spouse rather trying to love someone and marry them..
It's fact because life would turn the way you would never expect and not everybody will get a life partner like Sakthi!!!