Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Oh!! It turned again.. A week end, a normal week end. I won't be celebrating on a high as I'll be alone on
most of the weekends. Woke up around 12 30 pm. That's a bad way to start any week day but really good to start a week end waking up at noon. I bet you all agree with me. :-)

Hmmm.. That's fine. I had tea, freshen up and sat before TV. Damn, that's ridiculous. They play the same movies again and again on all the TV channels#1.
Switched off the TV and started to hotel for my brunch, in fact, it's my lunch as the time is now 01 45 pm. The same hotel, same dishes and the same feel that I can't eat more than two serves. Obviously I will have only two serves, neither going for the third nor stopping with first however worst the taste would be or however best the taste is#2.

So now lunch is done. What next? Back home? Obviously. God damn, it's too hot to be out. India has a large variation in climate from region to region, due to its vast size. In deed it's very vast. Well, Tamilnadu falls under the category of Dry Climate group where the group consists of regions where the rate of evaporation of water is higher than the rate of moisture received through precipitation. In simple words#3, the coldest month is December but even in this month the temperature remains between 20°C and 24°C. The months of March to May are hot and dry with mean monthly temperatures of around 32°C and now a days, due to global warming the temperature goes to even 40°C. So think of the situation I'm in. :-)
Clock is ticking. I'm waiting. Waiting for what? I don't know but I'm waiting. Anyhow time has to pass by any means. So I'm waiting for nothing. This is the situation to understand the depth of the boredom you are in#4.

Suddenly the room temperature started to raise high. Nothing to be panic as this is a normal routine. Time is 04 00 pm and it's time for power outage till 06 00 pm. I'm too lucky to be in Chennai, a metropolitan where power outage lasts only for 2 hours unlike other regions of Tamilnadu. I sometime wonder how people live without electricity as the humidity level raises once the power outage starts, leading to increased sweating, alteration of the rate and depth of blood circulation, and increased respiration and these are the measures the body takes in an effort to cool itself down. This is the reason we feel we are not in the comfort zone. Here are some more effects of humidity increase. Heat cramps, Heat syncope or fainting, Heat exhaustion, Heatstroke, etc.,. Still wondering how people practiced to be at this uncomfortable situation? It's easy according to Fact #2.
So don't be at home sitting idle. Drink a lot of water and get out of the house to get yourself rid of all the above said effects. I did so, took a bath, and dressed up well and out of home.

Great!! Out of home, but to where? The answer is "I don't know." Ok, I started walking after securing the house with a lock. I always remember one thing when I lock the house. People know the lock is used to secure the house, but still they pull the lock twice or thrice after locking it. This seems funny, but yet it all deals with the mentality of people in trusting something. Back to our journey, I started walking first and foremost to the tea shop nearby as I always love to have tea at regular intervals. The tea in Chennai shops will be pathetic, which just tastes like colored and flavored hot water but yet, I have it at regular intervals to make myself refreshed. It was that subconscious thought which is memorized in my mind that drinking a cup of tea makes me refreshed even if it wouldn't. So I ordered my cup of tea, looked all around the places to see beautiful girls walking towards temple. It is some sort of benefit to stay near a temple where many people keep the place busy walking to and from temple. Now the cup of tea is over and started walking. Step after a step, walking slowly just to kill some time. Finally, I reached Vadapalani bus depot.

"Let me sit here for some time and watch all these people", I thought to myself, saw the watch which shows 04 35 pm and sat on the seating arrangement available in the shelter. I was counting the buses that pass the depot and looking all around the place for people and their actions. Some were busy running behind buses, some were staring at other buses as they are new and hence they don't know whether the bus goes to their desired place, some were sitting just like me and some were talking with their mates. When you observe people when you are really bored, they all tend to be bored#5. The evening sun that hits it’s rays directly on my face tell me "Don't sit here dude, I'm gonna hit your a** in sometime. Get out of it soon". So I felt nothing is gonna work out as I sat there for around 5~6 hours but when I looked at my watch tied on my wrist, the time still shows 05 45 pm. Man! This is insane. I had a lot of memories running inside my mind, where I just reached Jupiter and returned back but all this happened in just 1 hour and 10 minutes. Bore again!!

So I still have a lot of time to kill. I started walking again. Walked on the platforms, walked on the middle of the road, jumped over the drainage opening where it was let open for cleaning works and then finally reached a road side park near the bus depot which was a government initiative to open many road side parks that adds beauty to the metropolitan Chennai and actually it does. You can see a lot of parks roadside in all the areas in and out of Chennai which were maintained by Chennai Corporation. It was a small park which might cover around 20~30 cents of land, consisting of beautiful flower plantations, walking area which forms the perimeter of the park and playing arrangements made for small kids to enjoy their time with their parents. I again walked in the park through the walking space provided so that I can go through all the people who have come there to spend their time and even to see people like me who turned there to kill the so called "precious" time. Once I feel some ache in my leg due to continuous walking, I took a seat nearby the playing arrangements so as to see the kids playing in the lawn#6.

I was trying to make myself busy. So I thought of making a dinner plan with any of my friends. So who to call? All my close friends and best ones are out of city as they work in different place and deputed in other regions. I took out my phone, well it's a smartphone. It's called smart and I agree as most of the work it does for me like waking me up, reminding me about meetings/to do's and much more than what I would think. I then checked the contacts on my phone in the alphabetical order#7. Everybody in my contacts is a bit far from my place so they won't turn up towards this "dinner" plan against my short notice. Finally caught hold of my office mate (it's a girlJ) over messaging feature of the phone for which I received a terrible reply.
"It's already 7 and you are calling me for dinner at 8. It's not a good idea", the message read. Girl!! Dinner is meant to be taken at around 8. So I don’t think you find problem with it. Maybe she didn't trust me as I’m a just friend and not a boyfriend. Well, so the plan of dinner is dropped after this conversation.
While I was in the conversation and waiting for the reply text in return, I was watching 2 kids playing "see saw" and a third one sitting beside the "see saw" board watching the kids playing like I did. After a few minutes, the kid stood up and started to walk with her shoes on, which gave "kwik.. kwak.. kwik.. kwak.." sound which grabbed the attention of one of the kid on the see saw. The boy got down from the see saw and followed the girl, actually followed her shoes. The boy is too much attracted to the sound. Unfortunately the boy didn't wear any footwear and also the boy looked like he is from a poor family. The two kids now started to play running here and there where the concentration of the boy the whole time was on the shoes the girl is wearing. Suddenly the girl sat down on the floor and tried to remove her shoes. When the girl’s mother tried to carry her from ground, the girl refused to go with her mother and the boy keenly watching her as I did all these time. The girl again tried to open her shoe buckles and this time she succeeded in unbuckling and offered her shoes to the boy, for which the boy blushed in extreme happiness#8. Meanwhile, the girl’s mother too succeeded this time grabbing the girl to her waist and started walking towards the exit when the girl still looks at the boy offering her shoe holding it on her left hand. Even though the offer couldn't be accepted by the boy, he was filled with happiness and waved his hands towards the girl to bid a farewell.

Now it's time for me to leave as I have been here for a long time and I started to walk home. I took my dinner at around 08 30 pm on the same hotel which I used to take dinner and reached home with some sweat on my forehead and body, in fact a lot. I refreshed myself and turned on the TV and opened the window to let fresh air come in. The TV telecasted some serial which I hate to watch and searched for the remote. Struggling to find where the remote is, I opened the fridge placed right opposite to the TV inside the room to take some ice water and when I turned back, I find two men discussing seriously about something. So my boring day has come to an end, at least I have something to watch out for. I seriously followed both the men on their discussion. Actually this act is nothing but eavesdropping which is the act of secretly listening to the private conversation of others without their consent. This shouldn't be preached/followed as it is not a good practice#9.
"I never thought you will betray me, Sam", man 1 shouted at man 2.
"Raj, never ever think like that. I have been loyal to you and our friendship. I don't know even you are interested in her", man 2 tried to decrease the rage of man 1.
"Sam, whatever. You tried to fool me and I'm no more gonna believe you", Raj's eyes turned red in anger and shouted "You just get the hell out of here before I slap you hard. That idiot Maya...." he continued.
"Stop it right there Raj. Don't talk about Maya and you don't have anything to talk about her", Sam interrupted Raj with high pitch tone.
"Wow.. wow.. wow... See the anger you have my boy. That girl.. that sl*t has changed you against me", Raj raised his eye brows and smiled sarcastically, which looked cruel too.
By hearing those harsh words from Raj, Sam slapped Raj hardly#10 and there prevails a minute of silence. This act of Sam grew the anger of Raj and he now looked like a ferocious wolf with blood red eyes has find its prey and ready to hunt. Raj gave a hard blow on Sam's stomach to which he rolled down the roadside. They both started to yell at each other and fight like enemies forgetting they had been friends for years. The fight continued and now with a hard kick on the spines from Sam, Raj fell down on his knees which he wasn't able to get up. Meanwhile, Sam has grabbed a shovel lying beside the road.
"You idiot, you are trying to kill me ... I won't allow you to leave this place alive...", Sam raised the shovel above his head and took the position to hit Raj.
"I'm going to kill both of you Sam. I won't leave you have a happy life", Raj struggled a bit to get up on his feet and now stood up with a crowbar on his right hand whereas his left hand is bleeding with a sharp cut near the wrist.
Watching these things, I was not able to move from where I'm standing which increased the adrenalin rush within me on expecting what these guys will do next? This expectation stopped the urine that is at the verge of bursting the kidney; probably burst the stomach a few minutes before. So what's next? I'm eagerly, also in fear watching those guys which increased the heart beat by twice every second that advanced.
"If you don't let your friend live a happy life, then I too will never think about the friendship that we had till now", Sam shouted "Come on you b******, die on my feet".
Meanwhile both with their weapons swung their arms backwards to gather power to kill each other.

Now everything is blank. I don't know what happened. Everything before me is blank. Then I realized that the power at house is off #11. Damn this Electricity board...!! The only entertainment I had from the time I woke is interrupted with the power cut and I'm back again to the boring feeling. No way to be entertained for the whole day. I slept sweating as I don't have any other choice because of the power cut. It's a bad ending for the day, again!! Yes, it’s a boring day, boring story!!!


#1 - When people come across same things again and again, they get bored at them whatever it may be.
#2 - When people practice things in continuation for 3 weeks (21 days), they become habituated for it.
#3 - When things are explained in simple words, it reaches people of all category.
#4 - When you don't know what to do to kill time, waiting to do nothing helps.
#5 - Your mindset shows the surrounding accordingly. If you are happy, surrounding seems to be happy and if you are sad, surrounding too is sad.
#6 - One can find immense pleasure when they see kids playing which brings out the best memories out of their sub conscious mind.
#7 - Mobile phone is an interesting invention, but I would say "contacts" feature is much needed for today's generation people as we don't tend to remind anything.
#8 - Good things, bad things; both are cultivated within at our childhood. Sow good thoughts whenever possible and reap a good citizen when children grow.
#9 - People have tendency to do things opposite to what is taught to experiment themselves. I'm not an exception :-)
#10 - There are certain things like money, ego, etc., that will break friendship in men and top of the list comes Girl.
#11 - Most people never give attention to minute details such as like "fridge placed right opposite to the TV inside the room to take some ice water and when I turned back". If this is read carefully, you might have got the story is about the serial on TV on before I bring the power cut.