Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Return!!!

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Vyshali comes with some fruit juices and a flask full of tea to the entrance of the room as she was there for the past two days after Kathir was admitted.
"Hey Sahana, how are you? When did you come here?", Kathir asked Vyshali looking her at the door.
"Kathir, what did you call me now?", Vyshali was surprised to hear Kathir called her Sahana.
"I called you Sahana. It's your name, isn't it?", Kathir was just casual.
"Kathir, so could you recognize me?", Sahana asked Kathir.
"What's there to recognize you dear? Have you been away from me for long time to recognize you?", Kathir chuckles without knowing what happened to him.

Yes! Vyshali is none other than the same old Sahana, who Kathir thought as his soul mate.

Kathir stayed in hospital for one more day and he was discharged.
Days rolled.

"Sahana, now a days I feel somewhat confused. I’m always thinking about something and I think my life had some changes but I'm not sure or confident on what I think", Kathir lying on Sahana's lap as she gently strokes Kathir's hair which a lover would expect when he is in a confused state of mind.
"Kathir, let's talk something else. Don't confuse yourself with unnecessary things, ok", Sahana tried to divert Kathir's mind.
"No dear, I'm not able to sleep well now a days. Some thoughts disturbs me often", Kathir comes to the point again.
"Kathir, let me tell something to you but not now. Just have a good sleep sweetheart", Sahana made him sleep well.

The next day, Kathir was walking here and there and he seemed restless.
"Kathir what happened?", Sahana asked "Why are you looking so weird today?".
"Sweety, I know something is wrong with me and you too know that. Come on, spill out the beans", Kathir pulled Sahana to sofa and they sat facing each other.
"Kathir, I said I'll tell you things later. Now please don't confuse yourself", Sahana again tried to divert Kathir's mind.
"No dear. You have to say it now", Kathir shouted at Sahana in frustration and anger.

After a few minutes of silence Sahana started "Kathir, do you know where were you and what were you doing before the day you meet me at the hospital? Do you know when did we meet for the last time before we meet at the hospital?".
Silence prevailed as Kathir doesn't have a clue about what has happened to him.
"Kathir, we met for the last time a year ago at the coffee pub near my hostel. Do you remember what happened there?", Sahana asked Kathir.
"Hmmm.. Yes. I can remember. You said you gonna leave me and left the place. I tried to contact you after that but to find nothing from your side. I don't know what happened then. I was very confused dear", Kathir's voice seemed very low and dull as he is in the verge of confusion.
"Yes, Kathir. I left you on that day and that was the greatest mistake I have ever done in my life. I thought I should never come across your life again till I see one of your e-mail which said

Do you know, whenever I travel somewhere with you, I would feel some pain in my hand as I would be holding you, your cheeks for a long time as you will be sleeping on me. But never had back pain in whatever condition I travel.
Now, I’m on the way to Chennai and you know what.. I have a severe back pain. I realize you are not with me and you know I miss you idiot.
Come to me da. How long will you stay alone sweetheart?.. Your hubby is waiting for you da..

Love you ever,

I felt I missed you badly at that moment and the next day I came back to see you. You know what? You were not in a condition to recognize me. It was a strange thing and a very big shock to all of us", Sahana shed a drop of tear, came very close to Kathir and lied on his chest.
"What did you say? Didn’t I recognize you? I can’t believe this dear", Kathir was surprised to hear what Sahana said.
"Yes, Kathir. Even I too didn’t believe what happened to you. We took you to a psychiatrist to find you lost conscious on certain things due to enormous amount of love and to say the passion you had on me. I love you Kathir, I’m sorry for what I did. Please..", Sahana exploded her tears and cried like a baby.

Kathir, listening to what Sahana said about him, was much confused now. Still he couldn’t come out of the puzzle he had during the past few days. Kathir made Sahana to sleep on his lap and he is still thinking to find the answers to all his questions.

Days passed.
"Sahana, do you know anybody by the name Vyshali? I think I have a friend by that name but couldn't guess who is that and in what way she is my friend...", Kathir asked Sahana but with some hesitation and doubts.
"Kathir, so now you remember about Vyshali. That's a good sign you are recovering in a good phase", Sahana smiled at Kathir.
"Hey ok, tell me who she is? I feel I had a very close relationship with her but couldn't gather all of the memories", Kathir showed some positive signs on his face when he made himself sure there exist a girl by name Vyshali.
"Hmmmm...", Sahana started "I said you that you didn't recognize me and the doctor who treated you said these type of things are complicated and it would take a long time to recover. He also said your memories have to be re-fed into your mind and so we planned to bring a new girl into your life to bring back your memories. So I came into your life by the name Vyshali and as a result, you are now cured dear", a big smile from Sahana with a kiss on Kathir's cheeks.
"I came into your life as Vyshali, took you to places were we enjoyed when we are in love, behaved the same way like Sahana so as to bring your thoughts again, even I proposed you when I was Vyshali", Sahana explained everything to Kathir.
"You proposed me... and.. I know Vyshali proposed me.. Dear, what have you done if I have accepted Vyshali's love?", Kathir was emotional and seemed bit angry thanking he was tested by Sahana.
"Don't get emotional dear. I always trust you. I know you will never accept any other girl in your life as wife other than your Sahana. At the same time, even if you would have accepted Vyshali's love, I would have felt happy as I'll always be near you whether I'm Sahana or Vyshali. You know I just wanna return something to you for the love you have on me. One could be so lucky to have a person like you in her life and I'm the luckiest person Kathir.. I love you.. Please never let me out from your life for whatever cause it may be...", now Sahana turns emotional and she hugged Kathir and kissed all over his face which Kathir don't want to stop; he stood as an idol.

Silence prevailed for sometime.
"Kathir, why didn't you ask me the reason I went away from you?", Sahana exclaimed.
"Hmmmm.... I trust you. I don't wanna break the trust I have on you by asking that. You would say by yourself some or the other day if you feel it's so important to say. You are now here and I'm happy. Why should I bring back the old stories by asking such a question?", Kathir replied Sahana holding her chin with both his hands.
"Kathir, I love you idiot", Sahana with a low voice "I had a lot of stress from my parent's side. They asked me to marry soon and you are not ready at that time and also they didn't accept our love. I felt I was lacking love from you and.... my work pressure... everything made me think in the wrong way.. I took a decision in a hurry and in anger which was totally a wrong one.. You always said don't take a decision while in anger or emotional.. I didn't follow your words.. sorry dear..".
"Ok, let's not talk about the past which brings tears. Present is good and let's enjoy. I'll talk to your parents and let's marry soon. Thank God, we had all the misunderstandings and problems before our marriage. Sure we gonna lead a very happy life sweetheart..", Kathir tickled Sahana to make her laugh and to bring her back to happy mood and they continued their happy life.

Let me invite you all to Kathir and Sahana’s marriage in future…

One of my friend said "Love has power" and the other one said "Love is divine".
"Men never shows the love they have on their girl as a girl do to her boy" - A psychological study reports.
Never take decisions when you are in anger or emotional; this might lead to destructions rather than good deeds.

To all my readers, if you love someone, TRUST them. Never break your trust on them for whatever causes it maybe. Coz you might not know the outcome of breaking the trust.
One match stick is enough to destroy a forest. One silly reason is enough to break the trust which destroys the whole happy life.
"Trust your partner"

World is alive because of LOVE. Love someone with the love you have on yourself. Love truly, Love deeply, Love madly... Love till you die...

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Return!!!

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"Kathir, I love you", Vyshali hugs Kathir and unlocked her tears which made Kathir's chest wet.
Kathir couldn't stop Vyshali as she exploded her tears with love on him.

What in this case a man can do?
Kathir just stood like an idol. Vyshali cried like a baby who misses her mother when she needs her the most.
"Hey Vyshu, ok just listen to me. We'll talk about this tomorrow as this is not the right time and right place to take decisions ok. Just go have a good sleep without any worries and thoughts", Kathir consoled Vyshali.
"Why do you need time to say you love me idiot? Just say you love me and it's enough for me", Vyshali refuses to go home as she holds Kathir's hand firmly.
"I don't wanna say anything now and even you are not in a proper mindset to listen to what I say, ok. Sure I'll talk to you in the morning", Kathir holds his forehead by his hand as he is feeling a worse headache which he had from evening.
"Ok, you seem to be suffering with your headache. Let's talk tomorrow morning. I'm hoping a good reply from you Kathir. Please don't disappoint me", Vyshali kissed him in his palm and left to her house.

Kathir was thinking the whole night about what happened with Vyshali.
"Vyshu, I need to talk to you. Please wait in the park today evening at 5. I'll meet you there", Kathir called Vyshali the next day morning.
"Sure Kathir. Is it to say you love me?", Vyshali expected a yes from Kathir.
"Please don't talk anything about this now. Please come to park at 5", Kathir hung the phone as Vyshali is about to say something.

Vyshali was thinking about the moment that is going to be inside the park from the time Kathir called her. She purchased new clothes to wear at the time Kathir is going to propose her.

Hours rolled. It's cool breeze all over the park.
Vyshali in a maroon saree with light green border, loose hair which curls down her shoulders walks inside the park with all happiness and expectation in her mind. To her shocker, Kathir is already inside the park even before it's 5 in the evening.
Kathir saw Vyshali approaching her with at most beauty that he has never seen her like this before.
"How are you Kathir?", Vyshali smiled with happiness.
"I need to tell you something very important. Please don't get disappointed", Kathir started "I'm in love with another girl. Her name is Sahana. She is not with me at present but she will come back to me for sure. If I made you think in the other way apart from friendship, please change your mind. I could never think of another girl as my soul mate in my life".
"Hey Kathir, Please stop teasing me as you always do. I can't wait anymore to hear those three words from you. Come on dear, start saying...", Vyshali chuckles with the expectation that Kathir can understand clearly.
"Stop it", Kathir shouts at Vyshali "Don't you understand idiot. I can't love another girl other than my Sahana. She is the one I love. Please don't ever talk to me and if possible never come in my life again", Kathir left the park without considering Vyshali's face turned red in disappointment and her tears which made her face wet.

“What has marked you is still marking you. There is a place in us where wounds never heal and where loves never end.” - Michael Ventura
Kathir always thinks his love with Sahana never ends..

Kathir's friends shouted at him for his act against Vyshali in distress. They requested Kathir to talk to her and console her as she might do something foolish. But Kathir was not moved. He felt some headache due the stress on his mind. He took drinks to find he was not able to sleep and as a result he took sleeping dose and slept that night.

On an early morning after 2 days, Kathir's phone rang while he is asleep. He picks up the phone to see it was from an unknown mobile number.
"Hello", Kathir in a sleepy voice to get no answer from the other side.
"Hello..", Kathir again with a louder voice than before but still silence on the other side.
"Hello, Sahana is that you? Please speak out da... Why are you not talking to me? Please dear speak out...", Kathir just break from his sleep and thought it might be from Sahana but the call was put off while he is talking in some expectation.
Kathir called the unknown number at once to get the reply from IVR as "There is no sufficient balance in your account to make this call", as Kathir had only 22 paise in his mobile prepaid balance.
He woke up and ran to the nearby retail shop to top up his mobile number and ran back home which was unusual for his friends who were watching him.
"Hey what happened?", one of his friends asked Kathir.
"Nothing", Kathir just started dialing the last received number.
Kathir didn't think it's too late to get the reply "The number you are trying to reach is currently switched off" from the IVR.
Kathir, who is very anxious, tried dialing the number again and again to get the same reply. In frustration and anger that he couldn't find who the caller is, Kathir threw the phone hard to the ground which broke into pieces.
It was an embarrassing moment for his friends who were watching Kathir's actions.
I feel pity for you Kathir!!!

For the whole week after the incident at the park, there is no call or texts from Vyshali.
"Kathir, I'm sorry. I would like to continue our relationship as friends forever. I just had a thought that I would feel happy if I marry you. Once when I come to know that you are not interested in love, I have changed my mind. Please talk to me Kathir", Vyshali request Kathir by calling him after a week.
"Hmmm... I don't know what to say Vyshu. I.. I..", Kathir has no words on how to react to Vyshali.
"Kathir I can understand. Just say you are my friend. Everything will be back to normal", Vyshali pleaded Kathir.
"Hey Vyshu, you are always my friend, ok. I feel sorry that I've reacted very rude to you on that day. Please don't take it to mind dear. Let's be as friends as before", Kathir regrets for the incident that happened last week at the park and they continued their chat for sometime as they do always.

Hmmm.. No fool would lose a friendship with a girl who is gorgeous even when he is in love with another girl. Funny guys..

Dawn and dusk alternated many times as the earth continued to spin around the sun.
Hmmm... Months passed as Kathir and Vyshali become further close to each other in their friendship. Still there is nothing from Sahana. Also Kathir didn't give up sending mails to Sahana's unused mail id even when there is no response from the other end.

One fine day, a weekend...
"Hey Kathir, I wanna take you to a place da. Get ready in some time ok. I'll come to your house in an hour", Vyshali sent a text to Kathir but to get no response for her text.
She thought Kathir might've got ready and she turned up to his house to see he is still sleeping.
"Hey idiot, I sent you a text. Still sleeping?", Vyshali woke up Kathir.
"Hey it's weekend da. Why are you disturbing me? Go somewhere, let me sleep", Kathir replied in half sleep even without looking at Vyshali.
"I wanna take you to a special place today. Get up and get ready idiot", Vyshali pulled Kathir from bed and pushed him inside restroom to get ready and she was waiting in the hall watching TV till Kathir comes.
Kathir wore a casual shirt and a jean and came to the hall to find that Vyshali wears a violet short churidar with some flower works on it and holding the stole wrapped around her with both her hands folded which was a shocker to Kathir.
Yes!! Sahana has a same colored churidar and even she used to stand alike Vyshali on the dress like how Vyshali stood; looked like a replica to Kathir.
"Hey, this dress... ok nothing. Where are we going?", Kathir tempt to ask about the dress but hesitated as he doesn't wanna spoil his mood then.
"It's a surprise. Come let's go", Vyshali showed a big smile as she is very happy that day.

Vyshali took Kathir to a temple nearby where they usually go when they find time.
This time Kathir was in a confused mind from the time he saw Vyshali with violet churidar. They spent some time inside temple and when they are about to leave, Kathir took some kumkum and applied on Vyshali's forehead without his conscious.
"Hey Kathir, you applied kumkum on my forehead!!", Vyshali was surprised as this is new to her.
Kathir turned to Vyshali to see what actually she is trying to say and then realized he applied kumkum to Vyshali thinking about Sahana.
"Hmmm.. Shouldn't I? You are my good friend da. I care for you", Kathir manages the situation as he don't wanna make it a sentimental thought for Vyshali and they were out of the temple.

Vyshali took Kathir to a remote town by bus which is around 200km away from their place. Kathir doesn't know the reason why Vyshali takes him to that place. They continued chatting inside the bus and after 2 hrs they reached the place where Vyshali takes Kathir.
"Kathir I'm feeling hungry. Shall we have something to eat?", Vyshali asked Kathir with some sort of tiredness as they travelled for 2 hrs.
"Ok da. Come let's go to that restaurant", Kathir took her to a restaurant nearby and they had lunch.
"That's a good meal I had da. Ok will get into that bus. Come on fast..  fast..", Vyshali called Kathir in her childish way of speech.
"Hey idiot, what do you think in your mind? You came so far just to have lunch or what? You disturbed me from my sleep too. Why did you come so long idiot?", Kathir shouted at Vyshali in frustration.
"Hey I felt of being with you for sometime da. So I don't know what to do and took you here", Vyshali hold Kathir's hand to cool him down.
"Are you a fool? We could've gone for a movie or some places nearby. I'm totally disappointed with you Vyshu", Kathir saw Vyshali's face loses her happiness as he raises his voice.
"Sorry Kathir", Vyshali started dumping her tears in her eyes.
"Hey it's ok da no problem. You have turned this weekend memorable. Come let's go", Kathir wiped the tear that dropped from Vyshali's eyes and they both got into the bus to return to their place.

Again they continued chatting by exchanging some funny things that happens around them and as time moves Vyshali slept on Kathir's shoulders. This made Kathir think of Sahana who was the only one slept on his shoulder before Vyshali. As adding insult to injury, Vyshali drooled over Kathir's chest which Kathir couldn't stop Vyshali as she was in deep sleep. They are about to reach the destination.
"Hey Kathir I think I slept well da. Why is your shirt wet here?", Vyshali pointed Kathir’s chest where she drooled while asleep.
"Nothing Vyshu. Shall we move to home?", Kathir don't want to think about that as that might bring Sahana's memories again.
"Kathir are you a very close friend of mine? Have you ever think me as your dearest friend?", Vyshali asks Kathir with expectation that is very clear on her face.
"Hmmmm... Tell me what do you want?", Kathir replied sarcastically.
"I need you to come with me to a place. I like that place and I need you to see it da", Vyshali seems bit nervous as she thought Kathir might reject the request.
"So now for what? To have coffee ah?", Kathir smiled at Vyshali.
"Yes da... Really it's to have coffee da", Vyshali took her foot back as she is scared looking at Kathir but to her expectation Kathir accepted the request.

Vyshali took Kathir to a coffee pub. Here another shocker awaits Kathir as this pub was the one where Kathir met Sahana for the last time. He was nervous and he manages to sit inside for sometime. They ordered a tea and a coffee same as what he did when he was with Sahana.
"Kathir, I need to tell you something very important", Vyshali started "You have been a good care taker of me.. blah blah blah".
"Hmmm... I know all these. What do you wanna tell me? Let's make it quick", Kathir seems to be tensed.
"I love you Kathir. I need you all my life. I can't change myself....", Vyshali proposed Kathir again and started saying something.
"""Chap""", a loud sound as Kathir slapped Vyshali in front of all the others sitting inside the pub and he started walking out of the pub saying "You are such a dumb ***** Never in your life see me again".

Kathir reached his house and he had a very bad headache that night. He is totally stresses thinking about what happened that day. He took a lot of drinks which is far beyond his capacity. He is not able to sleep well as he is feeling very uncomfortable. He is sweating badly all over his face and body even when inside a 21 degree temperature A/c room...
"Why does she come in my life like my Sahana?.. Why do I go with her in bus and why does she slept on my chest?.. What the hell Sahana is doing when all these things happen to me?.. Why does Vyshu propose me?..", all these things echoed inside his mind with loud noise.
"Sahana...", Kathir screamed at midnight "Aaahhhh... Where are you?.. It's pain.....", he continued screaming which woke up almost everyone in the apartment.

Kathir's friends woke up and saw Kathir screaming and they tried to control him. Sometime later Kathir fainted down the floor. His friends took him to the nearby hospital and admitted him. It took two days for Kathir to open his eyes after he fainted.

As he opened his eyes, Kathir's parents were near him as they were called by his friends. He was chatting with his parents.
Vyshali comes with some fruits, juices and a flask full of tea to the entrance of the room where Kathir was admitted as she was there for the past two days after Kathir was admitted.
This time to everyone's shocker, Kathir looked at Vyshali and said
"Hey Sahana, how are you? When did you come here?"

Hmmm... Why Kathir did call Vyshali as Sahana? What happened to Kathir?
Let's untie this knot in the next part of our journey with Kathir, Vyshali and Sahana...

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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Return!!!

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Kathir is a sensitive type of person and this split up made him upset. He is much confused regarding many questions arose from his mind regarding the split up with Sahana.
"Why did she leave me? She has been a very good partner of mine and we were in love all the time. What the hell made her go away from me?", Kathir asked himself in all confusions and this led him to stress and highly depressed state. He was the one who followed Gandhiji, our Father of Nation for his words "Alcohol is not an answer for all the questions". But now he badly became a fan of Vijay Mallya, Owner of Kingfisher for his words "Alcohol is not an answer for all the questions, but if you don’t get the answer it helps you to forget the questions"
He started taking alcohol to forget the memories of Sahana which was a deep pain to him. He has totally changed from the past; not talking well with friends and family, not showing interest in anything, bunking office, etc,.

This sudden change and act of Kathir makes his parents and friends to take some counter actions against him. Consoling the one who lost his love, which he thinks as his life is never an easy job. Oh God! Consoling someone for his depressions without knowing the actual reason behind the depression is really a big thing and his parents did it to Kathir. They have tried their very best to bring his son back to normal. So Kathir's family and friends never let him alone as they were always with him to make him feel comfortable. Kathir now slowly comes out of that depression and makes his mind steady and all he says to himself is "Whatever times it takes, My Sahana would return to me with all love".

Days passed, Months rolled.

"Be a Roman when in Rome", Kathir seems to be happy with his friends and family although he is still surrounded by the memories of Sahana. He doesn’t want to disappoint his friends and family by showing his worries. He tried to lead a normal life as everybody does.

One fine day, there was a celebration in his nearby apartment, a birthday party to a 2 year old baby. Every one of the surroundings was invited for the function and Kathir joined the party at the time it started. Everybody was enjoying the party with cakes and wines in their hands and gifts were presented to the kid.

Kathir's colleague, who now is in some other company was there in the party and joined Kathir. They meet after a long time and they were chatting regarding the job and good times they had together. Kathir while talking to his friend just turned near the front door of the house. A smart and cute girl, with a maroon colored top, light blue colored jean, loose hair which waves in the air with a rich framed spectacles that hang on above her forehead carrying a gift wrapped with red sheet on her left hand, raised her right hand with a smile at the direction where Kathir is standing. Kathir is shocked to see this and thought to himself "Why do this gorgeous girl smiles at me? Do I know her?", as the girl approaches Kathir.

"Hey, Hi", the girl with her electric voice.
"Hey, surprising.. What are you doing here? and how are you?", Kathir's friend answered the electric voice as Kathir just hesitated to start his conversation with the girl.
"God, Thanks I didn't open my mouth", Kathir thinks to himself while his friend is talking to that girl.
"Hey Kathir, this is Vyshali, my junior", Kathir's friend introduced her.
"Hi Vyshali, I'm Kathir", Kathir introduced himself and they just had a chat and they left after the gift were presented to the kid for his birthday.

Next day, Kathir as usual started commute to his job. He got into his usual bus where he saw a lady carrying his child on her lap. Kathir recollected his memories where he used to travel with Sahana often.
"Hey sweetheart, do you remember!! Whenever we travel, you used to sleep on my shoulder and drool all over my chest. Then you wake up from half sleep and ask me 'Why are you wet on your chest?'", Kathir was talking to himself thinking Sahana is nearby him.
The same day when he is on the way to home, he accidentally saw Vyshali walking on the other side of the road. She saw him and crossed the road to walk along with Kathir as they both walk in the same direction.
"Hey, do you remember me?", Kathir smiled at Vyshali.
"Ya, I do. I crossed the road just to accompany you. Do you mind?", Vyshali smiled back at Kathir
"No.. no.. I don't. I'm sorry I forgot your name. And you are.....", Kathir just remain her rather than her name
"Hmmm.. I'm Vyshali. I remember your name Kathir", Vyshali raises one of her eyes and showed a sign of confidence as she is of playful nature
"That's good. I'm bad at memory.....", Kathir just pulls the word as he don't know what else to talk and he has never walked with a girl alone other than Sahana. "So do you reside in this area?", he just exclaimed.
"Ya, but I never saw you in this area until yesterday. You know I used to observe all the places and people I come across and ..... Blah blah blah", replied to Kathir and added many other things too with "You know, people say I'm very talkative, but I don't think so"
Kathir smiled at Vyshali and said "Hmmm.. People always say something bad about others in which they are not mastered in".
Their conversation comes to an end when Kathir reached home and Vyshali left.

Kathir had a practice of telling each and every moment of his day to Sahana at the night chat when they were together. But after the split up he used to send mails to Sahana's unused mail id, which becomes like a diary of Kathir. He sends mail regarding important things that is happening around him to that mail id which makes him feel he still talks and be with Sahana.

Days rolled.
Kathir and Vyshali became good friends as they meet often as they were in same residential area.
"Vyshu, Shall we go to temple today? I used to go every Saturday", Kathir sends a text to Vyshali's mobile
"Hey Kathir, I'm feeling it new da. You have never called me anywhere and we have never been out together anywhere till now. Is that really you who text me?", Vyshali called Kathir on his mobile and exclaimed.
"Hmmm.. It's me. I thought of calling you to temple as you would be alone. Would you join me?", Kathir replied with a tag
"Ok, I'll join you da. I'll be in front of your home sharp 5pm ok", she accepted with all happiness and hung up the phone

Vyshali turned in front of Kathir's home at 5pm with a sky blue silk saree where small diamond like hand works on the saree glitters to the evening sunlight. Kathir wearing a white T shirt with blue jean took Vyshali to temple and they become bit close in their friendship as they shared some personal information about them. Vyshali enjoyed being with Kathir for the gentle and genuine way he behaves with her.
"Kathir, you are a very good friend of mine and I don't wanna miss you in my life", she smiled with a bright face with kumkum on her forehead.
Kathir smiled at her without replying to her as he thinks of the words from Sahana "Kathir, don't let me alone for whatever reason it maybe. I would love to be with you always. I don't wanna miss you dear".
They spared some time inside temple, finished their dinner at the hotel nearby and Kathir returned home after accompanying Vyshali to her house.

Kathir said about Vyshali and the friendship he has with her to his friends.
"That's my boy Kathir. So new pick up, ah? That's good you forgot Sahana and diverted your mind to some other girl", one of his friend commented sarcastically at Kathir
"Shut up idiot. I said she is friend of mine ok. Don't tease like a third rated guy", Kathir lost control and shouted at his friend with anger.
"Hey cool down man", his friend replied "Why are you so damn angry da? I didn't see you turn anger for many days"
"Sorry da. It's you who made me lose my control by talking like that and about Sahana", his voice turned low "I still love her da and would always love her. Please don't talk anything stupid ok"

Minutes rolled. Kathir now back to normal.
"Hey shall I ask you something?", Kathir's friend asked him with some hesitation
"Ya, but nothing stupid ok", Kathir smiled at his friend.
"Sahana left you long back. Why do you still think of her? You can think her as a passing cloud and move on man. Why the damn hell you worry yourself thinking about her?", Kathir's friend just moved a bit away in fear that Kathir might slap him for his question.
"Hmmm... I tried to but I couldn't forget her. She just became a part of my life; a part of my soul", Kathir replied in a soothing voice "She must be of either two choices. One she must be an evil and the other she must be an angel. Death or Life, she decides"
Then the conversation continued for some time and they slept for the night after taking some drinks and dinner.

Kathir thought about the words that came from Vyshali. He then decided to maintain a distance in their relationship. Kathir and Vyshali continued their friendship but to say it's a complicated thing to Kathir.
Days passed, Weeks rolled.

"Kathir, do you restrict yourself due to something? Do you maintain some distance with me?", Vyshali asked Kathir when they met one day after a request through phone call to Kathir from Vyshali.
"Hey Vyshu, why do you think like that? I'm normal and I'm behaving in the normal way similar to how I behave to others", Kathir replied with some hesitation but with a false smile in his face.
"So am I same to you like others? Am I not a special relation to you?", Vyshali's eyes now started stagnating the tears of her own.
"Vyshu, why do you ask such questions? What do you expect I should reply? You are a very good friend of mine, ok", Kathir just turned his face to the other side as he doesn't know how to react in this situation.
"Ok. Let's decide today. I need you always with me. I badly need you Kathir. I just.. I just love you da", Vyshali is about to hug Kathir but waiting for his response for this.
"Hey stop this. I don't think this is going to work out. Come on let's move home", Kathir tried to stop Vyshali and started walking.

Vyshali with all her love in her heart and tears in her eyes locked, followed Kathir as he is walking in front of her without even turning back to see whether she follows or not. They as usual reached Vyshali's house before Kathir leaves to his house.

"Kathir, I love you!!!", Vyshali hugs Kathir and unlocked her tears which made Kathir's shirt wet on the chest.
Kathir couldn't stop Vyshali as she exploded her tears with love on him.

What happens then? What did Kathir do for Vyshali's love? What about Sahana?

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