Thursday, September 8, 2011

It is My Randy!!

* Translations for the Tamil conversation is available at the end of post.

Rupert Jackson is a foreigner living in Chennai, India. He came to India in the late 80's and due to his love on India and Indians, he settled in India after marrying a beautiful Indian girl. He is a good person but with some ego and a lot of show offs as he has to show he is superior to others.
Being in Chennai for almost 25 years, he very well understands and knows to speak in Tamil but he won't speak in Tamil with outsiders. He always thinks that speaking in English makes him superior to others and like these small things he does everything which is what we simply call as rubbish.
Rupert's wife died 5 months after their marriage and due to deep love on his wife he didn't opt for second marriage and hence he doesn't have children too.

A maid named Kamala was appointed to take care of his house and to serve him after 2 years of his wife's death. So for the past 25 years, Kamala took care of Rupert and his house. She was very loyal to Rupert. Rupert being a very good man thought Kamala as his daughter and they had a very good affection on both of them but his show offs never decreased.

One day he went to purchase some vegetables. While he was on the way to market, there comes a vegetable vendor pushing his trolley with vegetables.
Rupert went to the vendor and asked in his own style, "Hey dude, are the vegetables fresh? Where do you purchase all these vegetables from?" without realizing the vendor doesn't understand english.
Vendor replied "Onume purila pa. Tamil la solu (ஒன்னுமே புரில பா, தமிழ் ல சொல்லு)" which meant 'I didn't understand even a word you said. Say those things in tamil'.
Rupert can understand what the vendor said but he doesn’t want to speak in Tamil with the vendor. He said "Come on dude, try to understand. Are these veg..."
But the vendor stopped Rupert, "ayye moonja paaru, poya anthande (அய்யே மூஞ்ச பாரு, போயா அந்தாண்ட)" which meant 'get lost of my way idiot'.
Realizing the vendor is angry, Rupert returned home and called Kamala.
"Kamala, market poi kaai kari vangitu vaa ma (கமலா, மார்க்கெட் போய் காய்கரி வாங்கிட்டு வா மா)", Rupert asked Kamala to buy vegetables from market.

He could have asked the vendor in Tamil so that he could not have get insulted by him :):). This is what Rupert is!!

After some days Kamala's daughter gave birth to a girl baby. As Kamala is loyal and loving to his boss, she took the baby to Rupert.
"Esama, yenoda pethiku neenga thaan paer vaikanum (எசமா, எனோட பேத்திக்கு நீங்க தான் பேர் வைக்கணும்)", Kamala requested.
"Sari, enoda Amma paera kolanthaiku vaikiren. Ni othukuvenu nenaikiren (சரி, எனோட அம்மா பேர குழந்தைக்கு வைக்கிறேன். நீ ஒத்துகுவேணு நெனைக்கிறேன்)", Rupert hestitated.
"Esama, neenga enna paer vachalum santhosham thaanunga (எசமா நீங்க என்ன பேரு வெச்சாலும் சந்தோசம்தானுங்க)", Kamala expressed her feelings.
"Randy nu paer vaikiren. Randy.. Randy.. Randy.. (ராண்டின்னு பேர் வைக்கிறேன். ராண்டி... ராண்டி... ராண்டி...)", Rupert called the baby with a big smile.

Rupert was very loving to the child and Rupert spent almost all the time with the baby as Kamala carried the baby to Rupert's house daily. Rupert was very affectionate with the baby as he doesn't have any kids. Rupert took Randy to school daily as he needs some free time with the baby and also with the selfish attitude that he needs to walk daily as per doctor's advice on his health.

One day Kamala didn't come to work. This is abnormal as Kamala will always intimate Rupert prior of taking a leave. So Rupert waited for her phone call as she has to come to a PCO to call Rupert. As expected, Kamala called Rupert to inform about the leave.
"Esama Randy kannu odambu sari illama iruku. Enala vara mudiyala. Doctor romba serious nu solraru. Nenjula etho adaipu irukunu solraru (எசமா ராண்டி கண்ணு ஒடம்பு சரி இல்லாம இருக்கு. என்னால வர முடியல. டாக்டர் ரொம்ப சீரியஸ்ன்னு சொல்றாரு. நெஞ்சுல எதோ அடைப்பு இருக்குனு சொல்றாரு)", Kamala cried to Rupert.
"Enna Kamala solra? Naan odane varen (என்ன கமலா சொல்ற. நான் ஒடனே வர்றேன்)", Rupert reacted to Kamala as he is affectionate to Randy.

Rupert went to Kamala's residence, which is a small hut in a slum area. This is the first time Rupert comes to Kamala's residence as he thinks his status will be affected if he comes to place like this. Rupert watched his each step carefully so that his pants won't get dirt. He reached Kamala's residence where many of Kamala's relatives have already come to see Randy.
Rupert saw Randy lying on a mat without any movements like a dead body and shouted "My Randy.... My Randy.... My Randy.... Don't leave me and go.. Come on my Randy..."

All the surrounding relatives were shocked to hear this and everybody started to beat Rupert. Being severely hit, he was taken to nearby hospital. Rupert doesn't know the reason why people beat him.

Kamala came to hospital to see Rupert.
"Kamala, yen enna elarum adichanga? (கமலா ஏன் என்னை எல்லாரும் அடிச்சாங்க?)", Rupert asked Kamala.
"Pinna adikama enna esama pannuvanga? Ethukaga elarayum paathu thituneenga nu enake puriyala (பின்ன அடிக்காம என்னை எசமா பண்ணுவாங்க? எதுக்காக எல்லாரையும் பாத்து திட்டுநீங்கனு எனக்கே புரியல)", Kamala replied.
"Thitunena? ni ena solra, enaku puriyala (திட்டுநேனா? நீ என்னா சொல்ற, எனக்கு புரியல)", Rupert was confused.
"Myrandi myrandi nu thituneenga, ethukunu thaan theriyala (மயிராண்டி மயிராண்டின்னு திட்டுநீங்க, எதுக்குன்னு தான் தெரியல)", Kamala explained Rupert.
"Oh my God, Kamala it's not myrandi, athu myrandi illa. It is My Randy!! Apdina, enoda Randy nu artham (அது மயிராண்டி இல்ல.. அது மை ராண்டி.. அப்டீனா எனோட ராண்டின்னு அர்த்தம்)", Rupert shed tears thinking Randy.

You might be thinking why I narrated a story without any scope.
I come across many people do certain things in certain places which doesn't suits to the situation.
For example,
You might be a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA). When you come to a hospital for a visit, it's not that you should treat the atmosphere as election campaign. You should maintain silence rather shouting all around.
Your boss might be your best and close friend but you should behave in a manner that he is your boss inside the company. Taking too much advantage makes others feel disgusted.
You might have married to a girl who you loved the most and may be both of you are so romantic. This doesn't mean that you should kiss and do romance in public parks and public places. Your actions should bring a pleasant feeling to the surrounding so that they always need you to be with them rather feeling disgusted and disturbed by your actions.
You may be a EILTS/TOEFL English language trainer. Don't use the same language to your surroundings as your family members too can try to stay away from you by your actions.

There are many other similar things too which might have passed your mind by now...
Blindly thinking doesn't change things. Change yourself, Change the world!!
You may not realize things but it just happens like what happened to Rupert. Things can revert back to you one day as every dog has its day.

In short, "Be a Roman While in Rome" - I say this for Good deeds alone :):)
I try my best, always!!! :):):)


Kamala, market poi kaai kari vangitu vaa ma
Kamala, buy vegetables from the market and be back

Esama, yenoda pethiku neenga thaan paer vaikanum
Boss, I would like you to name my grand daughter

Sari, enoda Amma paera kolanthaiku vaikiren. Ni othukuvenu nenaikiren
Ok, I believe you would accept if I name the baby with my mother’s name

Esama, neenga enna paer vachalum santhosham thaanunga
Boss, I would feel happy with whatever you name the baby

Randy nu paer vaikiren
I name the baby as Randy

Randy kannu odambu sari illama iruku. Enala vara mudiyala. Doctor romba serious nu solraru. Nenjula etho adaipu irukunu solraru
Randy is not feeling well. I’m unable to come to work. Doctor says its somewhat serious. He says there is some heart problem

Enna Kamala solra? Naan odane varen
What do you mean Kamala? I’ll be there right away

Kamala, yen ena elarum adichanga?
Kamala, why did everybody beat me?

Pinna adikama enna esama pannuvanga? Ethukaga elarayum paathu thituneenga nu enake puriyala
What would they do in that situation? I wonder why you abused everyone over there

Thitunena? ni ena solra, enaku puriyala
What do you mean? When did I abuse?

Myrandi myrandi nu thituneenga, ethukunu thaan theriyala
I’m not sure why abused by the word myrandi

Apdina, enoda Randy nu artham
It means she is my Randy