Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Return!!!

They have been in love for several years.
He knows what she is and she knows what he is.
They have been like a perfect match; A made for each other.
Even there prevail some misunderstandings which would add spice to whatever relationship it maybe.

Kathir and Sahana did their graduation in same institute where they started their relationship as good friends. Gradually friendship turned as love as they decided to share their life throughout. Life was smooth till they were so called students and out of institution after graduation.
Sahana joined a work in a reputed company where as Kathir couldn't make it in the campus interviews to join a company when he is out.
Sahana was a great support to Kathir when he is in the pursuit of starting his career. She always been with Kathir as she thought he should never feel loneliness in the situation where he was then. They had a very memorable and happy life for the years they were in love.

Serious hard work, with confidence and commitment fetched Kathir a good job, a first new job.

"Hey Kathir, you got a new job. Well settled. Where is the treat for me da?", Sahana asked in love and happiness.
"Sweetheart, I just dedicate my job and even my life to my parents and you are a great support for me to achieve this in my life. I love you. Tell me what do you want from me?", Kathir replied in emotion with tears in his eyes.
"Hey sweetheart, don't feel for it da. I love you and all I need is you alone", Sahana showed her love on Kathir with a kiss on his forehead.

Days passed. Kathir joined the job and he is in some sort of busy with his job as he has to prove that he is capable in his company.
Now there prevails a gap between Sahana and Kathir as they both tried to concentrate on their work and this is usual with all of the others here as well. Meanwhile love, discord, and misunderstandings everything passed between the cute couples.

Kathir's phone rang that day.
"Why are you doing this to me? Am I turning as a least bothered person to you?", Sahana shouts at Kathir even without a Hello.
"Sweetheart why do you confuse yourself? What made you think like this dear? I'm always with you", Kathir replied softly but in a confused mind.
"I need to talk to you. Come to see me near my hostel this evening if you find time to", Sahana disconnected the call in anger.

Time passed. Kathir was waiting near Sahana's hostel for her. Sahana with a white chudi, a mixture of lemony yellow and kumkum red colored confused face, came out of the hostel gate. Kathir gave her a smile but to fetch nothing from her. They went to a coffee pub near by and ordered a coffee and a tea as Kathir doesn't like coffee.

Minutes rolled as both looked each other on how to start. 
"Hey sweety, what’s up with you da? What's wrong dear?", Kathir started the discussion
"Nothing is good. Why are you behaving odd to me? Am I a toy for you to play?...", Sahana started to lament.
"Hey cool down da. What did I do dear?", Kathir interrupted Sahana to cool her and mean while the waiter kept the ordered tea and coffee over their table.
"Kathir, I think you are moving away from me. I think it's time for us to marry. I would like you to bring your parents to my home to discuss regarding our marriage", says Sahana, a decision which she already decided before she is out to meet Kathir.
"Marriage!! What do you think da? I have just joined a job and I have lot more things to do for my family to settle them and you too knew it. How could you think of our marriage now?", Kathir replied to Sahana "Don't take decisions in a hurry dear. That would put us in deep trouble. Just think of my situation now and please wait for some more days. Let's get married in a year or two".
"I'm absolutely disappointed with you. Please don't even think of me in your life again", Sahana moved out of the pub in all anger and disappointment.

Sahana's phone rang that night. It was a call from Kathir and she doesn’t want to talk. She disconnected the call for 2 to 3 times.
Now it's a ring from a new unknown number.
"Hello!", says Sahana.
"Sweetheart, it's me. I just want to talk to you for 5 minutes. I hope you would allow me to talk dear", Kathir asked gently in love
"Ok, Tell me what the hell do you want?", Sahana is still in anger
"May I know the reason why are you behaving so odd at me when I have never done a mistake from my side? I would like you to tell the truth as we love each other", Kathir tries to find the thing with Sahana.
"I said you are the problem. I now decided I don't need you in my life. Please don't disturb me hereafter", Sahana shouted at Kathir over the phone.

But Kathir is not convinced with what Sahana has said. The 5 minutes permission of Kathir extended to half an hours talk.
"Ok. Now if you love me, please tell the actual problem what's going around with you", Kathir in turn lost control and shouted at Sahana.
"I have said about our love to my parents some days ago", Sahana started revealing what was inside her. "My parents are not interested in love marriage. They just ask me to marry someone else other than you. I thought of telling you these things when my parents are against but I don't want to put in a pathetic situation. So I thought if I start fighting with you for no reason, you would gradually move away from me but you idiot why you do keep on loving me", Sahana explodes her tears which was rolling through her eyes. "I need you now idiot to wipe my tears", She cried.
"Hey dear, I suspected something wrong with your side and I'm right. Don't confuse your mind sweety. I'll try to move things fast and take my princess with me soon, ok", Kathir consoled Sahana with love and they had a long time chat that night.

So now after this incident, Kathir tried to spend some extra time with Sahana. This is usual between all the lovers, even married ones after a small fight for no reason.
A week rolled. But Sahana is still in some sort of dilemma. It is a well known fact that girls have a big deal with mood swing. None can predict a girl's next move, even themselves.
"I don't know what you gonna do. I need you to take your parents to my home to talk regarding our marriage today", Kathir heard this from Sahana as soon as he picks up the call on a fine morning at his office.
"What was wrong with you again? Can't you leave me to do some work, I'm in some work let me talk to you later", Kathir replied in frustration.
"This is it. I couldn't hold this anymore and I'm leaving you. Just stick on to your way of life, bye", Sahana shouted at Kathir and put off the phone.

Sure, relationships can get complicated, or does have its complications that probably any author about relationships is bound to discover it soon.

Kathir tried to call Sahana later, but the reply from IVR is "The subscriber you are trying to call is currently switched off. Please try again later".
Yes, Sahana don't want things to mess up this time as it went wrong for her the other time. All she needs is to get away from Kathir.
Kathir tried to call Sahana thousands of times that day. But the reply from IVR has not changed.

"Ok, let it go. How far can you stay without talking to me dear? You are always an idiot doing all sort of mistakes and come to me crying after you find you can't talk to me for even a day", Kathir thinks to himself and waited for a weeks time for her call. Unfortunately, Sahana didn't turn around. He decided to check what's wrong by meeting her in her hostel. But he doesn't know that it would turn too late as Sahana shifted to some other apartment before 2 days he went to check for her.
Kathir sent some mails to her mail id. The result, all the mails which were sent bounced back as she blocked his mail id and even changed her personal mail id to some other.

And the damn thing is Sahana doesn't had many friends for her as she always said "Kathir, I never need any other friend when you are near me". So Kathir too never asked about Sahana's friends. No way to check what is happening!!

Months rolled. Still nothing from Sahana. Kathir is not sure about why Sahana does this as this act from her is too odd to digest. He thinks about the misunderstandings he had with Sahana in the past but that wouldn’t make a huge split up in the love they had. Who knows, maybe something there would be the reason for this change as stated earlierMood swings in a girl cannot be predicted

"After all she is my child.
Let her come when she likes; Let me wait until then", Kathir was waiting for her return.

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