Friday, June 28, 2013


The story depicted below is purely an imagination and nothing coincides with any thing. 

All you have to do here is to find the liquor brand names used and find the total number of names used without checking the answer which is given below the story.
This is fun. Try it :-)

My name is Captain Morgan, living in the German outskirts and this story is about Morpheus, the courageous soldier. I'm afraid that my body's alcohol system is contaminated with blood and hence I visited Dr. Brandy Navrátilová, a Budweiser who advised me to have three shots of Talisker a day which would maintain the balance between the alcohol and blood systems. My dearest friend Mr. Johnnie Walker called my mobile to invite me to check the Irish Mist the next Sunday, to whom I explained the body condition and Doctors visit. He then canceled the program he had and started to my place in his Plymouth. Johnnie came with his colleague Morpheus, an undercover officer working with NYPD and in pursuit of exploring Jack Daniel's illegal business in Germany. Morpheus handed over a beautiful bouquet with a golden royal stag antique as a token of love and gratitude in which "Get well soon" is printed on the red label attached to it.

It's 8 pm when all of them sat for dinner prepared by Mrs. Kalyani Morgan.
"What do you have to dine?Morpheus sarcastically questioned Kalyani.
"It will be the Officer's choice. We have dishes in different variety", Kalyani in reply sarcastically responded with a broad smile on her face.
They were all chatting with each other and enjoying the food when suddenly the power went off with a high voltage surge. This is unusual as they live in a restricted entry area populated with high profile people. This incident triggered Morpheus as he knows that by any means Jack would have come to know he is after him. Morpheus alerted the people in the house to be safe and he called his crew as the place is not safe.

Few minutes later…
"Come out buddy, I'm not interested playing hide and seek", Morpheus shouted seeing all over the place.
"Clever boy. Well, in that case I'll take it as a royal challenge and destroy you my friend", Jack sarcastically threatens Morpheus and came out from the bushes near the house in a disguise who looked like an old monk.
Morpheus couldn't actually recognize Jack in the first look but he just noticed Jack's hand taking something out from the pocket. It was a 9mm pistol. Jack started to shoot Morpheus but he somehow manages to jump behind a tree. Jack's crew started to surround the house where in the crew of Morpheus just reached the spot. Here begin the gun shots from both the sides and most of Jack's guys were shot down and arrested. Morpheus like a hunter who found his prey, chasing Jack who is trying to escape from the mess up he made himself. Jack's plan is to get to the Havana club where most of his men will be waiting for him so that he can easily kill Morpheus, but before he could get into his car his pistol was empty. Jack hid behind a small wall and is changing his pistol cartridge. Morpheus found him hiding and took his pistol fully loaded. When Jack is about to make a move, a bullet came out with lightning speed from Morpheus's pistol which landed on Jack's chest to which he died on the spot. This turned out to be the magic moment in Morpheus's entire life where he killed an underworld don under his leadership. Morpheus, who was over delighted looked above to see the clear spotless full blue moon and thanked the almighty for the day he had.

Next morning Morpheus and his crew were called to the main office with their respective families by Chief of Department, NYPD. Morpheus started from home in his Contessa with his family to the office where many of his crew members were already waiting for his arrival. Morpheus was awarded with a 24 Carat gold medal, a cash prize of $2 million for him and his crew and will be called Hero No. 1 for four seasons for his bravery and commanding leadership.

Happy faces all around and the end to our story!! :-)

Liquor brand names used.

1. Captain Morgan - Rum
2. Budweiser - Beer
3. Talisker - Single Malt Scotch whiskey
4. Johnnie Walker - Blended Scotch Whiskey
5. Irish Mist - Brown Whiskey Liqueur
6. Plymouth - Gin
7. Morpheus - Brandy
8. Jack Daniel's - Whiskey
9. Royal Stag - Blended Whiskey
10. Red Label - Whiskey under Johnnie Walker company (the favourite Scotch of Winston Churchill)
11. 8 pm - Whiskey
12. Kalyani - Beer
13. Officer's Choice - Deluxe whiskey
14. High Voltage - Beer
15. Royal Challenge - Classic premiun whiskey
16. Old Monk - Rum
17. Hunter - Beer
18. Havana Club - White Rum
19. Bullet - Beer
20. Magic Moment - Vodka
21. Blue moon - Gin/Vodka
22. Contessa - Matured XXX Rum
23. 24 Carat - Whiskey
24. Hero No. 1 - Rich blend Whiskey
25. Four seasons - Wine