Monday, February 3, 2014


The house looked almost empty. Nobody was wandering inside the house and there prevailed pin drop
silence like a midnight grave yard as everyone left to their native except Rahul, sitting on the couch, who is doing his B.E. in some reputed college holding "A brief history of Time" written by Stephen Hawking . TV is on with some news channel telecasting news around the world and magazines and newspapers were scattered here and there inside the room. Time seemed too lazy to move according to Rahul as it is a rare situation that he is alone in his house. Clock ticked 9 pm with the mechanical cuckoo coming out 9 times with its cuckoo sound from the clock nest to make sure it is 9 pm. Rahul put aside the book and came to the dining table, served himself with chapatti’s preserved inside hot case and tomato chutney cooked by his mother Veni. He completed the dinner at around 9 20 pm and was watching TV trying to sleep. He wasn't able to sleep as something is disturbing him, may be his lonely feeling at house which was new to him or the fear that someone might come in without his knowledge to rob the house, etc.,. When the cuckoo is about to come out for its 11 pm mark, there was a bang on the entry door which wakes up half slept Rahul. Rahul was not interested waking up as he is trying to sleep well. Now the banging sound of the door gradually raises its pitch which pierces Rahul's ears loud to make him awake from sleep.
"Please wait, I'm coming", Rahul shouted so that the person standing out would stop banging the door.
Many things were running inside Rahul's mind while he was approaching the door to open it. Who it might be...? Why at this time...? Is anything wrong...? Or is it some strangers...?
"...and yes, they are strangers", Rahul thought to himself when he opened the chocolate brown color painted, varnish finished wooden door to see two persons standing right behind the locked black painted iron grill protecting the door.
"How may I help you?", Rahul asked the strangers yawning.
"Is Mr. Balasubramaniam home?", asked one of the stranger.
"No, he is out with family to native and I'm his son. What can I do for you?", Rahul stepped back into the house by saying "Just a moment, I'll be back".
"We are his friends and we came here on an official trip this afternoon and we missed our last bus back to our place. We thought of staying here for the night as we don't have any friends other than Balu and leave early morning", explained one of the stranger looking Rahul who is opening the lock on the iron grill.
"Okay, come in. Let me call my father", Rahul invited them inside.
"I'm unable to make a call as I don't get signal on my mobile", Rahul said in frustration and asked "What would you like to have?"
"Oh, we just had some tea outside. We don't need anything, Thank you", said one of the stranger "By the way, I'm Murugan and he is Syed. Your father and I worked together for around 10 years and then he came here getting transfer keeping your studies in mind. I stayed there as I had only a girl child who was married a few years ago."
"That's nice Uncle", Rahul keeps nodding his head and trying to dial his father and asked "Uncle, do you have a cell phone? Could you please try to call my father as I'm unable to reach him due to network failure?".
"Oh, I don't have cell phone, Son. Syed, please give me your cell phone", Murugan turned towards Syed.
"That's bad. I too don't have signal in my phone as I'm trying to call my wife for the past 15 minutes.", Syed replied.
"It's ok Uncle. Please free yourselves and take the guest room to your right to freshen up.", Rahul moved towards dining table to check whether enough food is available to be served for both of them.
"Thank you, Son", Murugan and Syed walked in to the guest room and locked the door.
Rahul keeps on trying to call his father but he wasn't able to connect to his father's mobile.
15 minutes passed..
"Uncle, please come to have your dinner", Rahul knocked the door of the guest room.
"No, Son. We are already done with our dinner", replied Murugan without opening the door.
"Uncle, I have kept the dinner to be served ready. Please come and have it. Father would be pleased to know that you are treated with comfort.", Rahul knocked the door again as he thought something fishy when they didn't open the door. "Why on earth guests don't open the door when they are called by the host", Rahul thought to himself.
"No, Son. We are good. We had our dinner already. It's getting late. You go and sleep. We will take care of our self", this time Murugan partially opened the door but trying to cover the room with his body. Rahul peeked in to the room when Murugan was replying him to see some knives, spanners, screw drivers, etc., were scattered on the bed beside the leather bag that Syed carried with him. He also noted that even after 15 to 20 minutes of time, either of them haven’t changed themselves or freshened up.
"Ok, Uncle", Rahul left the place with faded voice.
Rahul replaced all the plates on the dining table which were kept ready to serve food and slowly stepped towards his room to sleep but still he is trying to call his father which he couldn't make it. Many thoughts circled in his mind on what was happening.
"Who these people really are? Why do they have knives and screw driver sort of things if they actually worked with my father who is just a normal bank staff? Are they really my father's friends? How did the mobile signal get lost at once they came here? How did I let them in when I'm alone at home? Are they going to rob the house as I thought some time ago?" These questions were making Rahul nervous but at the same time Rahul concentrated to sleep as to see what happens in the morning. Sleep is the best medicine to overcome mind problems. Dead silence prevailed again and Rahul's eyes were semi closed as he is falling down asleep second by second.
Suddenly Rahul woke up hearing something which made his heart beat at higher rate. It was nothing but the mechanical Cuckoo comes out from its nest to give its Cuckoo sound for 12 times now. This is not only what he heard but also there is sound of footsteps walking towards his room. This made his adrenaline rush and Rahul's face started to sweat in fear. He quickly came near the door and peeked through the key hole to see both Murugan and Syed trying to open the main bedroom of his house where locker is placed containing gold and other valuable assets. This made him panic more and he stood motionless for almost a minute.
"This should never happen.. I shouldn't let this to happen.. I should show my courage now..", all these things were running in Rahul's mind, "but what to do now? They look very strong in physique and Syed.. he looks like a tall tower.. :( ", Rahul looked here and there to find something to take as arm to attack both Murugan and Syed. Rahul remembered the shovel that was used to clean the garden recently was put in their store room and thought that would be the best weapon to attack them. So he planned to go out from the room silently without making any noise and grab the shovel from the store room. As planned, Rahul came to the store room and took the shovel. Now he went back to the hall to see only Murugan is near bed room door as Syed already entered the bed room and is trying to open the locker of the wardrobe. This made Rahul act spontaneously and ran towards Murugan and gave him a hard blow on his back with the shovel. Murugan screamed in pain, staggered but managed not to fall down and he was struggling in pain. This alerted Syed and he came running near the door to look what is happening. Rahul is standing scared and his face is sweating like Niagara Falls. Rahul again swing his shovel to hit Murugan once again but Syed interfered and got a hand on the shovel and both Rahul and Syed were trying to grab the shovel to them. Rahul's hand slipped from the shovel which in turn made Syed to pull the shovel to him but gravity in turn pulled him along with the direction he was trying to pull the shovel and he was hurt on his head hitting the cot's leg, starting to bleed. Rahul is shocked to see the blood and he is now frozen for moment thinking about the happening. By the meantime, Murugan trying to attack Rahul to which both fell down the floor and fighting with each other. Rahul gave a heavy blow on Murugan’s jaw repeatedly. Syed stood up without the shovel in his hand as he lost it when falling down and tried to free Murugan by grabbing Rahul from the back.
"Die you idiot.. Die..", Rahul was shouting continuously like a mad man and hitting hard on Murugan.
"What's happening Rahul? Stop it. Rahul.. Rahul..", Rahul heard a strange unknown voice.
"I won't spare you thieves.. I'm going to kill you both.. Die idiots", Rahul continued to hit on Murugan's jaw.
"Rahul.. Wake up.. Rahul.. Easy dude.. Wake up", again the voice asked Rahul to wake up to which Rahul opened his eyes suddenly leaving the hardly crushed and punched pillow to see another strange face waking him up from his sleep.
"Damn! I was dreaming", Rahul thought to him, left the pillow aside and sat on his bed to see himself sweating all throughout the body.
"Here, take some water", another stranger now offering some water to Rahul.
"Thanks", Rahul bought the water bottle "but who are you? What are you doing in my room?"
"Aren't you awake yet? I'm Jai, Ramesh's friend and came here yesterday evening to stay for the night. Hope you had a weird dream, isn't it?", Jai introduced himself again with a sarcastic smile.
"Oh, I remember. I'm sorry, I'm a bit disturbed. Yes.. It was a terrible dream", Rahul stepped out of his bed and walked towards wash basin to freshen him up and asked "What's the time now? Did you have your breakfast?".
"Don't be formal, Rahul. I'm Ok. Get ready, we will have breakfast together. By the way it's early morning, just 11'o clock", Jai smiled.
"Ok. I'll be back in few minutes", Rahul stepped into bathroom and closed the door.
Few minutes later..
"I'm sorry, I missed your name. You are......", Rahul asked Jai.
"No issues, Rahul. I'm Jai. Shall we step out?", Jai replied with a counter question.
Rahul looked at Jai this time from the top to bottom to find him look like a kollywood style gang leader with long curly hairs done with too much of oil which were out pouring near the ear lobes, a dull complexion skin tone wearing a black shirt, cuffs folded till fore arms, first three of the buttons left open and blue colored think jeans which looked as if they were washed a year before and a flip flop which almost tore in to pieces.
"Do I really go with him for breakfast now?", Rahul thought to himself but he moved out with Jai to the hotel.
"What do you do?", Rahul asked Jai.
"I do nothing. Just do some small works here and there and make myself free most of the time", Jai replied with big laugh.
Rahul, without knowing how to react just said "Ok" and thought “Get rid of him quick Rahul…
Both completed their breakfast and came out of the hotel. Jai saw one of his friends who almost looked similar to him in personality and dressing sense where they started to talk about their plans for the day. Rahul stood with Jai for a few minutes thinking he might come with him but it took few more minutes before Rahul interfered in their talk.
"Jai, I'm sorry. I'll leave to house, you come back later"
"Sure man! I'm sorry I totally forgot you standing here. I'll come a little later. You carry on", Jai asked Rahul to leave.
Jai didn't return for long time and Rahul doesn't know what to do. He doesn't have his contact number either. Rahul couldn't move out of home as Jai would be waiting for him without keys and also Jai has to move to his native today. So Rahul stayed at home without going anywhere and he slept without his knowledge waiting for Jai.
"Rahul... Are you home? Please open the door.... Rahul...", Jai was waiting outside the main door of the house and knocking the door.
"Yeah.. I'm here. Please wait, let me open it", Rahul woke up from his nap and opened the door and asked "Where have you been?"
"I went with my friend, the guy I met today morning. I didn't have your contact number to intimate you regarding the same. Here, take the coke", Jai offered Rahul his half-finished coke bottle.
"No, I just woke up. I'll have sometime later", Rahul moved inside to freshen up himself thinking "God! When will this idiot leave? Don't know the basic mannerism to inform me when he is at my house..."
TV was switched on and some program is telecast in the TV. Jai is sitting on the floor watching TV. Rahul came back after refreshing himself and sat on the chair and was watching TV along with Jai.
"So, when are you leaving?", Rahul asked Jai.
"In sometime. Have the drink now", Jai offered the coke again to which Rahul bought the coke bottle. In the meanwhile, Jai's mobile rang and he took his mobile outside to talk.
"Hah, he is going in sometime. Thank God!", Rahul felt relaxed and stepped towards the entrance door to step out to get some fresh air sipping the coke he had in his hand.
"..... understand you bas***d. What would I do if he is not drinking the thing I gave him? Be patience. Let's make it today. I can't force him to drink it which might make him suspect me. Just be ready with the car and I'll call you at any time when he drinks it and falls unconscious. Let's take his eyes too as a punishment for making us wait in addition to his kidneys. Cheer up man", Rahul heard Jai speaking to someone on his mobile phone.
"Oh my God! What am I going to do? Who this guy is? Oh.. I drank the coke he offered me", Rahul's face turned red and he started to sweat a lot. His eyes rolled inside and heart starts to pump faster. Rahul was not fully unconscious now but he feels that he is slowly falling unconscious. He tried to walk firm but he stumbled on near the door pushing the chair. Hearing the sound, Jai came in to see what is happening.
"Man.. This guy is giving us fruit. He is now down. Come with the car to the entrance", Jai ordered the guy on the mobile phone and cut the call.
Rahul was still able to sense what is happening but he lost all his energy due to the ketamine which was mixed in the coke. Car came to the entrance and Jai carried Rahul to the car and took him to a secluded place along with his friend whom he met in the morning. Rahul still murmurs something but he couldn't gain any sort of energy due to the drug effect.
Jai and his friend carried Rahul from the car to a lone house and placed him on a table. Rahul can still see what is happening with his eyes partially open. "This is a table I'm placed on to.. the house looks very old and destroyed almost, covered by dust and web. Many surgical utilities/accessories were placed on another table nearby. Scissors, needles, tray, sterile and non-sterile accessories, etc.,", Rahul is trying to register the happenings in his mind but he was not able to do it.
"Be quick", Jai's friend said while Jai is about to wear his surgical gloves.
"Take a look at this kid. He’s still awake. Fuc**r, didn't drink the coke enough to fall unconscious. I'll take his kidney without giving him the shot of anesthetic (Chloroform)", Jai looked at his friend and smiled cruelly.
Jai started to remove Rahul's shirt where he felt Rahul's heart is beating around 140 beats per minute which is double the normal heartbeat rate. He took the surgical blade and looked at Rahul's abdomen.
"Let's start", Jai placed the surgical blade on Rahul's abdomen and started to operate where Rahul can partially feel the pain and can witness the blood that comes from his body. Rahul still keeps on murmuring "Who are you guys? Please leave me... Please...."
After a few minutes of time everything looked blank as Jai injected another shot of ketamine to Rahul as he is going to operate Rahul's eyes to take it out from his body.
Time passed...
Rahul woke up and opened his eyes but everything is blank now.
"What?!! I'm blind.. Where are my eyes...? Who the hell are you...? Where am I now...?", Rahul cried and shouted knowing that his eyes were removed. He woke up and wandered here and there but nothing is on his way. He couldn't even guess where he is now.

What is Rahul going to do now? What will Rahul's next step to find who Jai and why was he the target for them? Who will help Rahul to figure out where he is and what is happening to him?

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