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"What!! I'm blind.. Where are my eyes...? Who the hell are you...? Where am I now...?", Rahul cried and
shouted knowing that his eyes were removed. He woke up and wandered here and there but nothing is on his way. He couldn't even guess where he is now. Suddenly rain drops started to fall on Rahul's face which made his body feel a heavy shock. This feel remembers him something that he was kidnapped for his kidney. So he placed his hands on his abdomen to check whether the wound is healed. This (healing of the wound) can make one realize how long a person has been in unconscious state. Rahul is shocked again that he couldn't find any wound on his abdomen. A few drops of water splashed on his face again which made him wake up from his sleep to find that he was dreaming till now.
"Oh God! What a weird dream I had!", panicked Rahul, breathing heavily and sweat still drops from his face.
"How long will you sleep, dear?", Rahul's mother standing near the edge of the terrace and looking at the surrounding areas.
"Good Morning, Mom", Rahul is still yawning as he is not fully awake from sleep
"Drink the coffee and go take your bath", Veni turned a little bit but again started to admire the nature of her surroundings.
"Ok", Rahul took the coffee mug on his hand and started to get down the stairs to the house.
Rahul was again thinking of the weird dream that he had causing him severe head ache. It was rare that he had a lucid dream or false awakening that threatened him a lot during his sleep. He was not able to come out of the dream part as he continues thinking about the dream till he reaches the hall to see his friend lying on the mat watching TV.
"Dude, What's up? Too early to wake up man!", Ravi tilted his head backwards to see Rahul standing with something on his hand.
"You? Where am I?", Rahul seemed to be in total confusion.
"In Switzerland", Ravi replied sarcastically, sat and turned towards Rahul, smiled and asked "By the way, what are you going to do with that empty beer can?"
"Beer can? How does the coffee mug turned into beer can? I'm not in my native. So who was there talking to me in the terrace?", Rahul thought to himself and ran to terrace to see who was standing there. Rahul saw Mahesh, his other roommate watering the flower pots kept on the terrace compound walls. He now realizes that the rain drops he felt on his dreams were nothing but the water drops that splashed due to wind when Mahesh is watering the plants.
"What now? Why are you looking like you are possessed today? What's wrong?", Mahesh asked Rahul who was breathing heavily and crushing his hair and head.
"Nothing da. Bad dream..  Almost dead out of it.. Just regaining my senses back..", Rahul sat leaning on the compound wall.
"I said don't think about the fight you had with Reena yesterday. You never listen to me and now you pay for it. What did she do? Did she kill you in your dream?", Mahesh sarcastically questioned Rahul.
"Shut up, idiot. I'm serious. It's a fuc***g dream that almost killed me due to fear that it gave. A dream inside another dream.. People are so bad man. They kill even in dreams..", Rahul seemed frustrated.
"Relax man. Take it easy. It's just a dream. Ok, I'm going down. Are you coming with me?", Mahesh consoled Rahul.
"No. I'll relax for some time here and join you guys later. Please leave without disturbing me", Rahul asked Mahesh to leave from terrace.
20 minutes passed.
Someone was trying to jump inside the terrace compound which made sounds of the footsteps staggering. Rahul closed his eyes and sat leaning on the wall so he couldn't figure out someone is approaching him. He was also in deep thinking about the dream he had that he couldn't hear the footsteps nearing him.
Suddenly someone closed Rahul's already closed eyes with their fingers from his behind that made Rahul's heart pump fast. Rahul suddenly reacted by pulling the hands of the person and grabbed the person to front of him who fell down the floor. It was Reena who crossed the compound wall from the neighbor terrace to meet Rahul.
Rahul and Reena were neighbors and in love for almost 3 years. Their love was opposed strongly by Reena's parents as well as Rahul's. They meet secretly at their terrace and share about their daily routines, their wishes, happiness, sorrows, etc.  The intense of their love started gaining its strength once their parents talked to each other and decided that the marriage between the two is not an option and they should withdraw their love. Reena's parents decided to vacate their house and move to their native so that they don't meet again. This made them both really upset and there always exists fight in between the two whenever the topic on marriage arises.
"Idiot! Why do you pull me like this? What's wrong with you? I came here to ask sorry for what happened yesterday", Reena's eyes were filled with tears ready to roll down her cheeks anytime.
"You...?? How many times I've asked you not to come to my terrace? Why the hell you didn't call me before coming here?", Rahul shouted in reply to Reena "I'm already in a big headache and now you to add to the burden".
"I'm sorry... but I love you... and I came here to ask something to you", Reena's tears rolled down now like the water that was opened over the dam.
"Could you please leave me alone for some time?", Rahul expressed his frustration that his mind is yet not out of the dream he had.
Reena sat near Rahul without any words to say and continued sobbing looking at Rahul and his weird behavior.
15 minutes passed..
Rahul regained his senses and he saw Reena sobbing near him and regret himself for the way he behaved with her.
"I'm sorry, dear. It's a bad day I'm having today and things are not good with me for the past few days", Rahul hold Reena's hands to which Reena resisted as she is angry on Rahul's behavior.
"Don't tell me any reason, Rahul", Reena expressed her disappointment.
"I'm sorry, dear and I mean it. I need someone to lay my head on to and listen to what was happening with me. Please don't fight with me dear", Rahul wiped the tears that were rolling through Reena's cheeks and hugged her lightly and kissed on her forehead.
Reena felt the love and warmth of the hug and understood something is wrong with Rahul.
"I don't want to live in this world without you…", Reena whispered in Rahul's ears and leaned on his shoulder.
"What do you mean, sweetheart?", Rahul looked at Reena's eyes.
"My parents have come to a decision regarding my marriage without my concern. Soon they will talk to my uncle regarding the same and the marriage will most probably be decided in two weeks where I have to marry my uncle's son who is in the states.", Reena in a husky, grieved voice turned towards the floor as she couldn't face Rahul.
"What have you decided?", Rahul lifted Reena's face holding her chin and made her look at his eyes.
"I love you! I don't want to marry any other than you! I don't know what to do", Reena hugged Rahul again where her tears rolled down his shirt.
"Shall we marry? Today? Now?", Rahul asked Reena.
"No! I don't want to marry you without my parents’ permission. Instead I'm ready to die with you. Take me with you where nobody can disturb us", Reena crushed Rahul's shirt on the chest in emotion.
"Yes! I don't want to live here. I don't want to live in this world where everybody is against me. I will instead take you with me.. Take you alone.. Come let's go...", Rahul stood up, hold Reena's hand and started to walk fast down the stairs.
Rahul started his bike and Reena sat behind him. Rahul rode the bike where Reena hold him tight from behind and still her tears didn't stop.
20 minutes past..
They reached the base of the nearby hill and started to walk towards the suicide point where people often avoid visiting it due its slippery surface and sharp stones that hurt humans easily. The decision they took now is not good as they both were not in a peaceful mind set.
"Everything will come to an end today, isn't it Rahul?", Reena's tears vanished and smiled at Rahul while climbing up the hill.
"Yes dear, for sure!", Rahul acknowledged in reply and tightened his grip on holding Reena's hand.
They reached the edge of the suicide point where they now face each other and looking directly on others eyes.
"I love you Reena!", Rahul smiled.
"I love you too Rahul!", Reena kissed Rahul on his lips and they were in lip lock for almost 5 minutes.
It always feels good to say these words "I love you", but it feels awesome when we hear back "I love you too" from our loved ones. They were in cloud nine now. No thoughts bothered them both other than feeling the depth of love and kiss. Nobody came in their mind. No parents, no friends, no world, no nothing. They are just the two of them. Mind is full of joy that they are going to be together for the rest of the few living minutes and after death. It was just ecstatic that one should feel in his or her life time.
"Shall we?", Rahul asked Reena after the five minutes of lip lock.
"Yes, my love..", Reena gave her approval.
They looked at each other again and felt their heart pumps at an abnormal rate, their face turned red, felt the adrenalin rush which induced sweat all through the body and the sweat drops on their face clearly states that they are scared but yes, they jumped together holding their hands from the hill which is around 2000 meters above the sea level. Rahul closed his eyes while jumping where he feels a chill breeze that embraced him which gave a slight shiver. He now realizes that he is going to hit the bottom to scatter into pieces. He reached the bottom from the top on his knees to open his eyes to see he is still alive.
"I'm alive! How?", Rahul was shocked "It's again a dream"
Rahul understood that he fell from the couch sleeping and all that happened till now were on dream. He stood up beside the couch and picked the book he was reading and placed on the table near by him. He picked up all the scattered newspapers in the room to place in the store room on which a news about burglary was published on the front page stating "Police on Wednesday cracked a daylight burglary that took place four days ago in the city" and a news on suicide committed by lovers stating "Young lovers jump in front of train" in the regional section. The mechanical cuckoo now comes out from the clock nest with its cuckoo sound and it made nine counts this time making Rahul realize that he was asleep before 9'o clock. TV is still on with the same news channel which again telecast the story of kidney robbery in a famous hospital committed by two doctors.
Rahul noticed the main door of the house wasn't locked. He came near the entrance and opened the door to see Reena, his childhood crush standing in the entrance of the opposite house feeding her 2 years old baby. Rahul smiled thinking about the dream he had just then and closed the door, secured the house with locking the door from the inside and proceeded to have his dinner. He had the chapattis made by his mother and went back to his bedroom. Rahul was thinking about the dream that he had and doesn't notice that the time has passed 11'o clock.
There was a knock on the entrance door when the cuckoo made its 11th cuckoo sound. Rahul got out of his bed and opened the door to see two strangers standing in front of the entrance.
"How may I help you?", Rahul asked.

"Is Mr. Balasubramaniam home?", asked one of the stranger.

The End!


  1. Maam ..I really dint get the story line..
    Ur personal feeling s n suspense mix was a good try though

    1. The story line is nothing but everything happens in his dream! :)


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